Obtain College Grants For Single Mothers | Best Tips and Advice to Help Secure Your Funds

With thanks to the current US Administration, College Grants For Single Mothers are widely available. Are you a single mom who would like to have the opportunity to provide your children with a better way of life? Just imagine for the moment, if you would? Perhaps, now is the time to think about returning to college as there are several different kinds of college grants for single mothers available, including the Pell Grant type.

It is imperative to complete the grant application process in the correct way. If you don't, the chances of your application being approved by the awarding agency is greatly reduced.

Below, I offer a number of tips that you may find useful in ensuring that your application for college grants for single mothers is approved.

Tip 1 - When it comes to grants, the first thing you need to know is that, those who apply for them, don't need to meet any eligibility requirements. So, it is important that you clearly identify to the reviewer, why you need this more than the other students who have applied for it. This truly comes from heart.

Tip 2 - Always make sure that you complete the form in full and never leave any questions unanswered. However, if you feel that a certain question does not relate to you, then clearly show your reasons why. Also, make sure that when sending through the application that, you provide all supporting material that is needed such as letters of recommendation, essays or transcripts.

Tip 3 - Make sure that you follow the directions provided and laid out within the application. You should only provide documents or information that has been asked for. There's no need to overwhelm reviewer. Answer what is asked, but thoroughly.

Tip 4 - Although, you may consider your handwriting to be neat it is far to complete the application on your PC and then print it off. Plus it is a good idea to before you start filling it out online to print out a blank copy that you can read through slowly and carefully, and then fill in by hand before typing it up.

Psychologically, this way you can avoid making silly mistakes on the completed form that could result in the grant application being rejected.

Tip 5 - Enrol for a $10,000 Government give away!

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If you decide to apply for college grants or single mothers, remember, further help is available online and it shouldn't be overlooked.

According to US Department of Education, 89% (over 11.2 million students) of the FAFSA submissions were submitted electronically (or online). It indicates substantial increase of 12.7% that people are using internet for research and applications.


After months of research on my part, I have come across this excellent site - College Grants For Single Mothers. This one is worth checking out!

Site is legitimate, informative, simple to navigate and tailored to your educational interests, so you don’t have to waste your valuable time going from end to end filling up unnecessary forms.

Above all remember, every step you take gets you closer to achieving your education goals.

How to Plan Your Studying and Achieve the Best Grades

Monday, 18 July 2011

Student Grant Money: Online Availability

The United States Congress allocates free grant money to 57 federal agencies including the Department of Education. The Federal Department of Education is part of a government-wide effort to streamline the online grant application process with several measures of their own.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is one measure to facilitate the free grant money application to students. The website www.Grants.gov is another measure. The website was launched in October 2003 as an online database where grant seekers would be able to view federal agency offerings. As of late April, only about 80% of the department’s opportunities had been placed on the website. This amounted to 32 of the 40 grant packages the department had intended to have available online.

Some agencies had not gotten involved at all in the online process at this point, while others had exceeded their goals. Numerous agencies had exceeded their goals to the point that on average, they were providing 14 percent more opportunities for free grants than they had planned for. The Department of Education’s progress was very slow toward their goals, with no real explanation. It had initially expected around 1500 free grant applications on the website, but had only received 469 to that point, representing 31 percent. The Federal government had received only 23 percent of the applications it had expected to that point. The grants website has shown signs of growing. The first year and a half brought in 2751 free government grant applications.

One of the reasons for the lagging grant applications on the website is considered to be the change in process. Grant seekers have been adjusting to the new delivery format while the grant community is slowly getting the word out and providing instructional information to grant seekers. A resistance to change is considered another source of the lagging applications, as users are required to register through a system-to-system process. It should be noted that the website application process was not built to facilitate Mac use in making online applications.

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